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5 ways to keep families happy on Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2015- Five great tips for a fun and family oriented Thanksgiving with out the fighting.

  1. Try taking a walk after Thanksgiving dinner, but make sure you tell your guests ahead of time so they come prepared.
  2. Try buying table games, accessories and party favors to keep everyone buys and not talking about politics, work, drinking too much and even how to raise children. Games and party favors are my moms favorites-this year she bought lego sets for each guest, man buns and makeup.
  3. Have a movie on hand ready to go for everyone to watch either before or after the big meal.
  4. Keep antacids on hand for all of your guests who over-indulge.
  5. Have a great and festive nonalcoholic beverage that will keep everyone drinking but prevent family from getting over intoxicated.

These are a few of our favorite ideas to keep everyone happy this Thanksgiving.