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Crystal iridescent blue water, a gentle breeze, singing in the distance. We made it. The trek to Musket Cove on Malolo Lailai Island‎ in Fiji is a worth-while hidden gem and my sweet family of four made the journey.  Musket Cove stands as Fiji’s oldest resort company that’s family owned, filled with adventure, organic food farmed from their resort and plenty of relaxation. 

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As the catamaran pulled into the dock to a gorgeous white plantation looking home, the Fijians sang their hearts out to welcome us. We stepped off the boat and were handed a small classic looking coconut that had been drilled and garnished with a red and white straw. After one sip of its sweet milk the freshness and relaxation enveloped me and watching my kids become over joyed by a R-E-A-L coconut with R-E-A-L coconut milk was a memory in the making.  

As a mom you’re always running, or at least I am, and when we go on family vacations it’s the same routine and tasks with a new and more challenging location.  Difficult food choices, lack of washing machine, everyone’s sleep schedule is off, not enough room in the hotel rooms, the list of difficulties is endless. Yet, here on this island in the first 30 seconds it felt different- family oriented, friendly, equipped and ready to take on my wild family of four!

Musket Cove had everything I wanted in a Fijian island. It has Pinterest worthy blue water, tropical fish seen in Finding Nemo, endless blue skies, green rolling hills and tropical red umbrellas. It was perfect. 

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After check in, food and eating were a priority with my kids. Even if they don’t know they’re hungry, I do. Thankfully, right off the open-lobby was The Trader Café. The menu was kid friendly: pizza, French fries, hamburgers, and, yet, it felt exciting and different enough for adults: curries, unique sandwiches, interesting pizzas and good wine selection. As soon as our food came, we watched through the open windows as the sky turned gray and rain began to pour. Usually it would be sad to watch the beautiful day turn to gray, but I’m a Cali girl who doesn’t see much rain, so this was exciting, and we welcomed the storm. 

The resort has multiple and affordable living spaces depending on each visitor’s needs. With kids cooking both breakfast is a necessity and a luxury on vacation.  To accommodate our family, we had a beautiful house with a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, patio and a personal hot tub. 

When we first walked in the tropical paradise, the walls were wooden slats that were open and we could hear the rain trickling down the green jungle that surrounded us. At night we opened the walls to allow a fresh breeze to flow through the house. 

Travel is tough with children and so the first thing we needed to do was have a moment to relax. All four of us found a cozy spot in the house and read as we listened to the rain drip down the sides of the villa and birds called out their enchanting songs. For an over scheduled family this was heaven. 

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Musket Cove Market

When the rain stopped, we walked over to the small, but well stocked Fijian market filled with American friendly foods like Oreos, Rice crispy cereal, and Ritz crackers. Not only was it full of brand names, but the market was also filled with  fresh eggs from their chicken coop, honey created from their bees that were kept in efficient hives and produce that was grown in their jungles, plus loaves of bread, milk, fresh eggs, yogurt, pasta, baby products and more. 

Our first day was the beginning of a beautiful adventure. 

Thank you to Will Moffat and Josephine Moffat; Directors of Musket Cove, Gary Snodgrass; general manager, Laisa Gonewai, Chef Gareth, Farmer Dharmendra Singh and the wonderful staff. We were honored to be guests at your resort.

The resort also offers endless activities to get outside; from snorkeling to paddle boarding to farm tours. 

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