Thanksgiving day ideas for fun and full guests

November 21st, 2016- Here are some fun ideas and tips for a fun and family oriented Thanksgiving with out the fighting.

(c) Hasbro 2014

(c) Hasbro 2014

Games: need some entertainment

  1. Corn hole, our family has recently gotten into fun outdoor games and with temperatures on the colder side you can always try and play this inside.
  2. Card games are always fun: go fish, crazy 8’s or poker.
  3. Checkers, Jenga, and scrabble are fun fast games that allow everyone to play.
  4. Don’t forget a few fun games for the little ones- connect four, Twister, guess who and pie in the face.
  5. Win loose or draw is always fun.


In need of exercise

  1. Take a walk after Thanksgiving dinner, but make sure you tell your guests ahead of time so they come prepared.
  2. Hula hoop contest. Have big and little hoops for everyone to participate.
  3. Jump rope. Grab the big long jump ropes and get everyone in on the fun.
  4. Moon shoes, a fun way to get everyone walking after the big meal.
  5. Family yoga. Time to get gramps down on the floor for a little family fun yoga.

The too full tummy

  1. Mint tea, mint tea, mint tea
  2. extra antacids
  3. Ginger tea
  4. Bitters

These are a few of our favorite ideas to keep everyone happy this Thanksgiving.