Sweets. treats and kettle corn

Kettle corn is made from hybridized mushroom corn that puffs into a perfect ball of fluffed corn when heated to the proper temperature of 350 degrees. The shape and texture feel differ from that of regular popcorn. Regular popcorn has a slight crunch followed by an airy fluff whereas the mushroom corn is light, airy and slightly chewy.

Though making Kettle Corn is not rocket science, its perfect consistency is based upon a series of steps that are, in a way, science. With a large kettle, the temperature of the oil needs to reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit, despite the external temperature of the air. In a matter of seconds, kernels of corn are added to the kettle oil (corn, soy, peanut) and stirred to coat each kernel with the properly-tempered oil.

At the vendors discretion, sugar will be added to the kettle of corn, aware that if not done at the right moment, the sugar could dissolve or not bond with the corn. Ultimately, if not done correctly, this can change the outcome of the finished product.

In a matter of a few minutes, the corn is popped and almost ready to go. Final seasonings, a light coat of salt and a quick movement through the sifting bin leaves the sweet and savory kettle corn ready to be sold to its endless line of customers.

Fall is in the air, there are visions of sweets and treats looming ahead with one in particular to keep your eye out for: traditional kettle corn. At every football game, fairground and Halloween Festival there are sounds of crackle and pop, and aromas that are almost sickening sweet in the air. If you follow your ears and your nose, they will lead you straight to the kettle corn vendors.

Across the country, these craftsmen of their trade have learned the time-honored traditional secrets that have drawn crowds in from generation to generation. The kettle corn next to the lemonade stand is one of the most popular stands at any event. Jesse Jimenez  owner of Blazin J’s Kettle Corn knows this all too well. He ventured out to open his very own kettle corn business, a concession-stand favorite in hopes to catch the eye of eager consumers everywhere.

As you’re taste buds are craving fall favorites make sure to search out passionate vendors like Jesse Jimenez from Blazin J’s Kettle Corn for this perfectly-popped corn to add a certain element of seasonal celebration. With its sweet and salty taste, it will blend in perfectly with the homemade stews, chili and candy bars on this evening of tricks and treats.

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