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Product Review: Rösle strainer

LOS ANGELES, – Strainers are not all made equal, some are flimsy, some have mesh that is soft and slightly movable, some are made of plastic and some have mesh with larger or smaller holes.

Rosle StrainerStrainers are an important tool in the kitchen, someone who cooks could use it as many as five to ten times a day, and a good strainer is key to the success of good cooking. Rösle has made an industrial style stainless steel fine mesh strainer with small adjustments like a shorter handle and a smaller circumference to make it more user friendly for the at home cook.

Rösle is a company that was established in 1888 that brings the finest quality with professional results to the home hook. They pride themselves on a classic and timeless design.

Strainers can be used for straining pasta, catching seeds from citrus, creating perfectly mashed and strained foods, i.e. baby foods, soups, potatoes. However, not all strainers are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, thus our test is warranted.


The Berry Test

We strained and thawed frozen heavy deep colored berries for a berry cobbler.

Step 1: We placed frozen berries into the strainer

Step 2: Ran water through the berries multiple times

Step 3: We kept the berries in the strainer until they were half thawed and we were ready to use them.

Step 4: Once we were finished we rinsed it, dried it and stored it.

Result: The strainer worked well, it was strong enough to hold the berries and the deep color of the berries did not discolor the strainer.

The straining yogurt Test:

Step1: Placed the strainer on top of a small bowl.

Step 2: We put the yogurt in the strainer.

Step 3: We used a rubber spatula to strain the yogurt and remove all of the fine strawberry chunks.

Result: The strainer caught every last chunk small and large and allowed the yogurt to fall into the bowl. We did have to scrape the yogurt off of the bottom of the strainer.


First, We love the weight of the strainer, the weight is distributed nicely.

Second, We love the rounded handle, it makes gripping easy and comfortable.

Third, it’s easy to clean.

Fourth, It’s small size allows for it to be stored relatively easily.


First, It is more than you would spend on a plastic strainer.

Second, Check back with us in a couple of months and we will let you know if we have a con.

Overall Rating: 1 cup out of 1 cup. The Rösle is a good buy for any one who wants to cook .

Purchasing Info: The Rösle– Cooker can be purchased $45.00.

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