Peaches for my 3 year old

Yesterday at the grocery store the first batch of peaches showed up in the bins. It’s a summer miracle!

I found myself talking to the produce guy and going on an on about how excited I was about peaches coming into season. I then caught myself and thought, “this guy doesn’t care at all, stop talking, move on”.

Peaches coming into season is so exciting because they don’t exist year round. If they aren’t in season you can’t get them. So many fruits and vegetables are available year round for most parts of the country. Which is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but waiting makes me appreciate food like sweet, juicy and delicious peaches.

I use to think about food going in and out of season, but when I had children fruits going out of season took on a whole new meaning.

My 3 year old is a really particular eater (like won’t eat anything, picky) and despite my efforts he has a few things he will eat and peaches are one such food. All summer long he devours peaches and at the end of the season he goes to pieces because they aren’t available any more. Up until this year I’ve never really been able to explain to him why I can’t get them any more.

When I saw them at the grocery store this week I could not wait to bring them home and just as I thought we in-hailed them. They weren’t the best but they were still fresh peaches!