New recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Los Angeles, Ca- My kids are in school and I have about 30 minutes to my name of free time, so what am I doing? Well, I will tell you, I am writing about the sour cream and lime ice cream with strawberry rum sauce that I created for Traditional Home Magazine this month!

There are so many new and different recipes I created for this months issue (May 2016), Why am I choosing to focus on the dessert? Because, it’s flat out delicious and definitely not something most people would think to make. At first when we were discussing desserts the team brought up the idea of ice creams and one thing led to another and then sour cream was brought into

(c) traditional home magazine photo by Peter Krumhardt

(c) traditional home magazine photo by Peter Krumhardt

the picture, badda bing badda boom and then off I went to test.

I am never one to back away from a challenge, but even I was skeptical as to how this was going to play out. Never the less I mixed the limey and super sour cream flavors together and paired it with the sweet toping of strawberry rum sauce and garnished with marcona almonds (please only use macron regular almonds just aren’t the same) and I am pretty sure the angels started to sing when I took the first bite.

So, after all of this you’ll have to go to traditional to find my recipe (Ceviche, stuffed chile relleno, tequila sidecare, halibut with Mole sauce and this amazing Sour Cream and lime ice cream with strawberry rum sauce), but I promise it’s worth it. Ok now off to go to grown up things like laundry and bills. p.s. please forgive me if I am not updating my site as much as usual, my 3 and 5 year old are demanding my attention and I can’t help but give it to them because they are so adorable!

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And please tell me what your favorite cinco de mayo recipes are!