Favorite Fall dinners

Saucy, braised, stewed, soupy and crock pot dinners, YES PLEASE! In the fall we embrace the flavors of stewed tomatoes, rich beef stews and savory creamy chicken dishes.

(c) copyright HMFG 2014

(c) copyright HMFG 2014


We scream for, wait for and love… thyme, rosemary and sage. These are wonderful and earthy flavors. We have missed and yearned for them during the hot summer months. Now is the time to embrace them all.


Cool crisp air, the rustling of brightly colored leaves and the gorgeous early fall nights make these wonderfully homey dishes feel that much more magical.


We have a list of our favorites:




My mouth is watering thinking about all of these delicious dinners. As I was looking through my list of recipes I was looking at my Tom Yum Soup and amazing sour cream chicken enchiladas and though these are amazing recipes and would be delicious now they will be even better in the later months (January, February, March) when we are tired of these earthy herbs and home-style fall recipes. So, enjoy and embrace them now while you still want them!