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How to cut iceberg lettuce

Los Angeles, Ca, – Iceberg lettuce is fiber filled with little to no vitamins, but even still it’s a great inexpensive filler for salads, tacos, sandwiches, lettuce cups and more. Iceberg is very dense and can be cut into various different shapes to fit into many different recipes.

(c) HMFG 2015 copyright photo by mary moran

(c) HMFG 2015 copyright photo by mary moran

As a child I remember this amazing sandwich place in Oklahoma City and they always use to shred the iceberg lettuce rather than use large pieces. It was so different and made such a big difference that almost 30 years later I still remember it.

Ingredients can change by simply varying the prepping style. Iceberg lettuce can be cut into a wedge, shredded, cut into large chunks, large strips and left in a cup form. It’s an awesome vegetable that can be used so diversely.

In this quick Food Hack video Mary shows you how to cut it four different ways.

  1. Cut into wedges
  2. Large pieces
  3. Shredded

Thanks for reading. Let us know what your favorite way to eat iceberg lettuce is.


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